This was our very first event where we talk about OUR OWN TECH STORY - from the very past to the latest. There are 2 presentations from our fantastic team members followed by a networking opportunity :)

From the presentations, you’ll learn how the developers were developing websites in the past without the tools we use today, and how a large-scale website like Kijiji is operating now.

Presentation details:

Part 1 - Get Off My Lawn: An Old Guy Reminisces About Web Dev by Matt Hogg

Front-end developers have never had it so good. We benefit from a wealth of tools and technologies that make it easy to forget how far we’ve truly come. Before Javascript was the most popular topic on Stack Overflow, it wasn’t even a “real” programming language. Before Netscape died and Microsoft killed IE6, developing cross-browser HTML and CSS was a nightmare. Before Developer Tools, debugging was the dark art of judiciously placed alert() statements. Join us for a nostalgic look back to the turn of the millennium – a time before responsive design, SPAs, CSS preprocessors or jQuery. A time when we used image maps for navigation, tables for layout and transparent GIFs with abandon.

About Matt: Matt Hogg has been a front end developer for more than 17 years at companies like Sun Media, MacLaren McCann, The Toronto Star and Kijiji. His wide-ranging experiences have given him a holistic – and sometimes irreverent! – view that complements his detail-oriented approach to work.

Part 2 - Making the Right Choice for Your Frontend Architecture by Dmitri Farkov

The Frontend technology fauna is always evolving, with each passing day evolving into a new unfamiliar landscape. It is easy to get lost, but with proper preparation one can make an educated choice about which path to take forward. Join us to see an overview of the Kijiji Frontend architecture and the reasoning behind the choices. Why React + Redux? How to style: JSS, Radium, etc? How to handle SSR? Find out the answers to these questions and more. We hope that this presentation will aid you in taking the step into the future without self-doubt.

About Dmitri: Dmitri Farkov has been a frontend developer for nearly a decade in a spectrum of companies, ranging from agencies to banks. Currently he is at Kijiji, laying the groundwork for the new frontend architecture. He likes boston terriers, boats, and good code.

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