Matt Coe

    In The Beginning...

    In the beginning, there was eBay…

    Then, in the fourth year of eBay's reign as an online auction house, a small classifieds marketplace website started in Amsterdam, dubbed simply "Marktplaats". After five years, Marktplaats began to attract the attention of eBay, and eBay decided to bring Marktplaats into its fold, and test its ability to operate a classifieds website.

    Then eBay looked upon its classifieds project, and saw that it was good. Marktplaats had spread throughout the world, under the name Intoko. A few months later, eBay decided to create the eBay Classifieds Group. It would take the best pieces of itself to form the the foundation of this new group, and continue to spread online classifieds around the world.

    Thus, on 28 February 2005, Kijiji Canada was born in the corner of an office in Toronto, merging itself with Intoko. Kijiji was built on the foundation of eBay, both in its business structure, and its code structure. eBay looked upon its work, and saw that it was good.

    All right, all right, enough with the Biblical allusions.

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Richard Burnison

Damien Lepage

    Building contextual surveys with Optimizely

    At Kijiji, we’ve been using Optimizely extensively for traditional A/B testing, building different UI variations and measuring which one performs better.Recently, we started using this tool in a different way, in order to gather qualitative feedback. The idea is extremely simple: ask directly to our users what they think of something on our site, or something that we could be adding to it.

    Here is an example. We wanted to know whether our users would appreciate receiving real-time feedback about the quality of their ad, as they type it. We could have sent out a survey by email, or include this question into our user testing sessions. But what better way than asking people directly, precisely where and when it matters to them?

    Title Quality Satisfaction Survey

    All we had to do was build a little tooltip with our question and measure the interest with custom events.

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Jordan Hagel